About Me

I am an attorney turns into a passionate gardener on every weekend.
Yes, I seriously am an attorney. In real life I am licensed in both Florida and North Carolina.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Carla D. James, a working mother with two sons living in Florida. I am married to a loving husband who currently works as a lecturer in a university.

Although both of us having different occupations but on weekend we turn into a professional gardener. My husbands love to tend flowers.

Meanwhile, I love to grow fruit trees. Mostly we do our gardening experiment in our little front and backyard.

As a professor, my husband is such an inspiring lecturer for his students. He loves to share his knowledge for those who are so eager to learn. As a newbie in gardening, my husband becomes such a passionate student that is willing get more information on flowers and how to grow it.

As for me, on weekdays, I am usually quite busy handling some juvenile crimes. Talking to parents and police are become my regular activity. By the way, I am also doing some pro-bono for those who need my assistance.

We both have travelled to many places in search for exotic flowers or trees. You can see some of them in our little garden

Whenever we are not working or gardening, we will be busy taking care of our two lovely active sons. Both of them are elementary students. They also love to work with us in the garden, messing up with our work.